Oh Lord,
God of joy
soul-flying, heart-bursting joy,
We pray for an outpouring of Your Spirit on this next generation.
May they be joyful warriors for Your Kingdom
May they give You their heart and their song and may they sing it with all their might

Give me your heart give me your song
Sing it with all your might
Come to the fountain and
You can be satisfied
There is a peace, there is a love
You can get lost inside
Come to the fountain and
Let me hear you testify

Into the wild
Canyons of youth
Oh, there’s a world to fall into
Weightless we’ll dance
Like kids on the moon
Oh, I will give myself to you
As soon as you start to let go

Lord You have uniquely blessed the military child with amazing adventures, different perspectives, unusual experiences. We pray You will use these in their lives to help them continue to follow You in changing the cultures in which You plant them.

May they love diversity. May they be problem solvers. May they be quick to defend the helpless and brave in facing the battle.

We pray for the future artists–may they change mindsets.
We pray for the future engineers and architects–may they improve lives.
We pray for the teachers and the preachers and the missionaries and the youth workers.
We pray for the future policemen and firemen and soldiers and sailors and pilots.
We pray for the farmers who will feed the world and the mayors who will run the cities and the carpenters who will build the homes and the hands–the hands that will rock the cradles.

Lord may there be a revival like this world has never seen before.

We pray for the military child who is missing friends who have moved away.
We pray for the little guy who isn’t getting the help he needs in school
for the young lady trying to make friends
for the young man with chronic illness
for the kiddos with deployed parents
for the teenagers trying to find their way
for the little one who falls apart without mommy
for the adopted little ones waiting to go home.
We pray for the babies who are coming.

We pray, God, for the children of our veterans. Lord give them wisdom beyond their years. And please draw our veterans to You.

Wave after wave
As deep calls to deep
Oh, I’ll reveal my mystery
As soon as you start to let go

Mist on the mountain
Rising from the ground
There’s no denying beauty makes a sound
We can’t escape it
There’s no way to doubt
Mist on the mountain rising all around

And Lord, use us to raise up this generation. Thank You for the hope of the young ones. Thank You for the joy of Your salvation. May we sing Your song with all our might this week.

You can get lost, you can get lost inside
Let me hear you testify*

CCLI #7051633
Written by Bear Rinehart, Bo Rinehart
2016 Bear Lee Breathing Music, NeedToBreathe Music*