In this week’s Sunday Prayer Tonia Gutting prays for us to all experience a Christmas revival in our communities, military installations, and churches.

Christmas Prayer

A Prayer for Christmas Revival

by Tonia Gutting

Oh Lord,

You are the God of love; we are the people of self.

You are the God of light; we hide in the dark.

You are the God of all power; we try to grab control.

You are the God of creation; we continue to destroy.

You are the God of forgiveness; we are the people of grudges.


Please Lord, forgive us again.

As we lie in our helpless filth and darkness, be born in us today.

Be born in us and dawn your light into our little towns, our Bethlehems.

Make us the shepherds to our people, in fear and awe and praising Your name.


We pray for our little towns, Lord–our forts and bases and ports and outposts and camps.

Please forgive our complaining, our wrongful pride, our stubborn independence, our endless striving.

Please bring revival in this Christmas season.

Remind us of how you have saved us in all ways, over and over.

Humble us, Lord. Teach us to be servants like your Son.

Be born in us today.


Be born in our schools and our headquarters. May your presence grow in our churches and neighborhoods. Be the grace between us and please heal our divisions, God. Don’t let us be comfortable without helping the hurting, holding the lonely, carrying each other’s burdens. (Galatians 6:2)


Lord, please protect all from the spirit of suicide, from the lonely private to the bitter veteran.

May the Holy Spirit prevail. May we learn true community with you and each other.


We, the people, need you, Lord. How incredible it is that you have come to us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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