Virtual Conferences

Right where you are. Just what you need.

Whether you’re bringing a group together or needing some encouragement for yourself, you’ll find it all here. Virtual conferences take the experience of a live event and bring it to you. A variety of recordings are available including worship sessions, workshops, teachings, and testimonials. To enhance your experience, we also offer icebreaker ideas, suggested schedules, discussion questions, and other materials to help large groups get the most out of their time together.

Virtual conferences from Planting Roots empower you to grow in faith and hope, right where you are. We are here to equip you to find the strength to thrive in military life.


Acts tells us the story of the early church, how it started, and how it grew. Acts 4 tells the foundations of these early believers and how they met together, dispersed, and then multiplied their numbers. Focusing on how we as military women and wives gather together for encouragement and fellowship, these resources challenge us to also share the hope of Christ with others around the world. With speakers, worship, prayer, and panel discussion, you’ll be challenged to see the calling of God in your own military life to meet and multiply.