How We’re Learning

By Kori Yates

Say Something

“I don’t know enough to share Jesus.”

I have heard these words many times before, even sometimes from myself. I have moments when I question my authority on subjects and wonder if they’re going to ask questions I don’t know the answer to.

What if they have problems I don’t know how to fix? What if they ask me where a verse or topic is found in the Bible? What if I stutter and “um” my way through the whole conversation? A million questions run through my brain and there is only one answer to them all.

His name is Jesus.

We could come up with a million reasons why we don’t share Jesus with our neighbor, our friend, the lady at the commissary, the new family in the unit. A million reasons that at the end of the day are simply excuses.

I am free to speak.

Just a few weeks ago my ten-year-old son brought this realization back to me. It was youth Sunday at chapel and the kids took on parts of the day. From ushering to playing the piano, they had volunteers for everything except someone to preach. The adults were fine with the Chaplain just doing it. Apparently, my ten-year-old, shy, introverted little man felt the Lord give him a push.

He immediately volunteered. Truth? It scared the tar out of me! I could just imagine him getting up in front of everyone and saying absolutely nothing, much less have an actual plan in place that he followed for a sermon! My husband and I prayed about it and prayed with him. My husband, my little man, and I chatted with a Chaplain friend here as well as a pastor friend back home.

We asked the little man if he had specific Scripture on his mind (which he did!) and walked him through brainstorming what he learned from the Scripture and how to share that. We printed it all out and practiced, then printed a back up copy for my husband in the event the little man froze.

We got to the chapel for youth Sunday and little man wasn’t nervous at all. He was excited! When the time came, he stepped up on his stool behind the pulpit and walked right through his notes. From reading the Scripture to telling personal stories, he talked for about 15 minutes. I was amazed.

I saw Jesus in my little man.

What God reminded me of that day was that we all as Christians are free to speak. If we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us, we have a story, a Savior, to share. We don’t know all the answers, but we do know the One who does.

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age. (Matthew 28:19-20)

Jesus commanded us to speak, to make disciples, to teach. He didn’t caveat that with “after you attend seminary” or “once you study your Bible for a few years” or “when you can name the books of the Bible in order.” There were no caveats.

Is it important to study? Is it important to use the Word of God correctly? Yes. But the thing we all have to share is what Jesus has done in us. We all have something to say.

How to Speak:

  1. Jesus: Is Jesus your Savior? This is key. If you don’t know Him, it’s super hard to share Him. If you have never met Jesus, we would love to share with you!! You can message us on social media or send us an email (!
  2. Think: What difference has Jesus made in you? What has Jesus taught you through His Word and through others? These are just a couple of questions to ponder because they are the exact things you can share with someone else.
  3. Expect: God so many times brings someone in our paths that needs us to say something. Sometimes they have similar experiences to ours, sometimes they just need encouragement for the day, and sometimes they are seeking the truth, life, and hope that we have already found. Go looking for them.
  4. Speak: When God gives you the nudge, just speak. If you don’t know answers, just tell them you’ll find out and then get back to them. Remember, you’re not expected to know everything, but you do know the One who does. And perfection is not His aim, obedience is. BE BRAVE! 

Your Turn:

This week, ponder the questions of the difference Jesus has made in you and what He has taught you. You have something to say. Pray that the Lord would bring someone in your path this week, then pray for courage to speak.


Lord, help me to know those with whom you’d have me speak. Help me to hear your voice to go, and then give me the courage to be obedient. I can’t wait to see how you use me!