For this week’s Sunday Prayer, Hillary shares this beautiful prayer to flourish in health. May all military women flourish with healthy minds, bodies, hearts, and souls.

Sunday Prayer

Flourish in Health for the Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul

by Hillary Baggett


Dear Lord, 

We come to you with our whole hearts and lay down our burdens and requests at the foot of the cross. Some days our minds cannot stop racing and we come to your throne boldly asking for relief through prayer, Father.

On other days, our bodies hurt and ache, so we turn to your Word for comfort. The Psalms sing to the source of our needs better than words can form.

And still, there are days emotions deceive us, and we feel heartbroken, so we seek the Lamentations that give us freedom and permission to flail and feel both sadness and grief on a whole different level. We confess in all honesty, Lord, there are some days in this military life, that our souls just feel weary. It is THERE you meet us – because we are truly depleted and seeking your face.

Flourish in Health

Praise you that nothing is hidden from you! You knit us together in our mothers’ wombs. You knew us before we were born. We are fearfully and wonderfully made in you! You know us, every cell, every muscle fiber, every pound of flesh is known to you and by you. (Psalm 139)

You have created us to flourish, Lord! 

Walk tall through health challenges!

Stand firm in faith!


Declare victory in the name of our Jesus – 


He is your Savior! 

He is my Savior! 

He is our Savior!


We are in this together, Lord!

Guide us in your strength to seek professional and medical help when needed and give you the glory no matter the answer.

Remind us that you are the Author and Perfector of our faith. You are the Vine, we are the branches, you are the Potter, we are the clay. You are the Master and we are your servants.

In you, we find the answers. In Jesus’ holy and precious name, we pray. Amen.

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