A close up of white and pink roses that says Sunday Prayer: Let us pray

To one You give green eyes
To another a smile that touches hearts.
To one You give a sense of numbers
to another words
to another shapes and forms
to another gears and cranks.
To one You give energy overflowing
another You gift with quiet.
To one You give insight into Your word
to another You give insight into the ways of humans.

How marvelously creative You are!
What an amazing array, these children of Yours
What potential You have wrapped up in their hearts
In all these we see Your wisdom, Your beauty, Your power
And in all these gifts we see Your love

Thank You Lord for our children.
Thank You for their innate joy.
Thank You for their hope, their surety that each day will be good.
Lord, from today until the day You call them home, may their lives glorify You.

We pray they will be a blessing to those around them.
May they be obedient and teachable with their parents, teachers, coaches.
May they be the good example to their friends.
Please help them reach out to those who need friends.
Make them into good roommates in college.
Forge them into great spouses.
Teach them how to use these given gifts for this fallen world.
And when they fail, may their hearts quickly turn to repentance.
May they always desire to be close to You.

Lord, we pray for the children of the deployed. You have the power to strengthen those relationships even through the separation, and we ask that You would. Protect their hearts from self-pity. May they learn to trust You like never before.

We pray for the children who have, or will soon, PCS. Father, be with them. Bless them with new friends, new opportunities. Renew their family bonds.

For our college kids and young adults who are finding their way, Lord we pray for wisdom. For joy in the journey. Show them their path and may they not compare it to others, but delight in what You have for them.

And for our young soldiers, sailors, airmen: Lord guard their hearts. We ask for safety. For courage. May they be men and women after Your own heart.

Please hold close the children of our hurting veterans, and of our fallen. Only You can heal Lord.

God of infinite variety, Who leads us on infinite paths and orchestrates every moment of our days, lead on!