Today we want to share our Women’s Empowerment Resource List to help you learn more about your identity in Christ.   

Women’s Empowerment Resource List

by Planting Roots

Women in the Church

January was the first month of our Faith Full Friday series. We started it off with a bang by covering Women’s Empowerment. As a result of sinful nature,  misunderstandings, and misinterpretation, women have had a rough time in large parts of Christian history. It can be easy to want to rebel and get angry at this perceived misogyny. Instead of getting angry, we learned the importance of understanding that women’s empowerment comes through our identity in Christ.

This month, Kelli Baker walked us through:

how to find empowerment through our identity in Christ 

what steps are needed to live out empowerment through our identity in Jesus Christ

-how our identity in Christ empowers us in the roles which we have been called to fill

Empowerment Through Identity

Knowing that you are a child of God helps us when it is time to make crucial life decisions. For women in the military community, this could mean things like careers, PCS, and more.  

Community is crucial. A huge aspect of learning about our identity in Christ comes through community and fellowship with other Christian women. The reason they are important is that they help to point us to Jesus. Involve yourself in your local chapel, church, PWOC, or Bible study. Ask questions, read your Bible, and follow the path God has set for your life.

Resource List

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Women's Empowerment Resource List