The vision of Planting Roots is for military women and wives to be deeply rooted in Christ, no matter where they find themselves. One way that we do that is to select a theme and Bible verse for each year.

Faith Full Fridays: A New Series from Planting Roots

by Morgan Farr

Our Theme for 2023

Our theme helps us to be intentional with our focus and energy. This year we are applying the theme to real-life issues and challenges that military women and wives face. With 2023 starting on Sunday, we look forward to our new word, Faithful.

The verse we will focus on for 2023 is Joshua 21:45, which says, 

Not one word of all the good promises the Lord had made to the house of Israel had failed; all came to pass.

We understand military life because Planting Roots is made up of military women and wives. This year’s theme and verse help us remember that God is always faithful, even when military life throws us a curveball. Careers, moves, marriages, deployments, and friendships may be complicated; you may face challenges.

But don’t worry, because…

God is Faithful.

Faith Full Friday, a new series from Planting Roots.

This year we will focus on faithfulness each Friday in our new Faith Full Friday series. 

Faith Full Friday aims to build up uniformed women and wives by sharing stories and testimonies of God’s faithfulness within the Christian military community. We will also share tips and suggestions for remaining faithful amid the chaos of military life. 

How Will it Work?

On the first Friday of the month, we will introduce the topic and how it relates to faithfulness. Topics covered include relationships, sexuality, military life, financial education, friends, PTSD. We will look at these topics through the lens of God’s faithfulness.

The conversation will continue on the Deeply Rooted Podcast on the second Wednesday of each month. 

On the last Friday of the month, we will share a printable list of resources with links to podcasts, books, and websites that we found helpful in that month’s theme. 

Ready for more? 

Join us next week as we launch Faith Full Fridays, discussing our first theme of the year, Women’s Empowerment.