I’m excited to share Jennifer’s encouraging words about watching for God’s plan in all that we do for this week’s Worship Wednesday.

Chemistry picture watching for God's plan

Watching for God’s Plan

by Jennifer Wake

It’s September. My heart starts to beat faster and my thoughts turn to school. Way before I had my first child, August or September meant the first day of school. You see I am a chemistry/physics teacher. Now STOP whining, STOP rolling those eyes. 

Chemistry and Physics can be fun if you have a teacher who loves to blow things up or drop things off of the roof (gravity does work). I loved teaching high school kids and watching them learn. When those “aha” moments happened my heart would swell with pride. I taught for 11 years in public schools in West Virginia, Virginia, Colorado, and Texas. Those years were fun but towards the end I became weary. All the joy of newness was replaced by the drudgery of work. 

It was hard work, long and tiring. I arrived early to set up labs and stayed late to coach sports to add to my paycheck. I loved the students but the time commitment wore on me. I rarely caught up on sleep until summer break. Inquisitive students helped make each year pass quickly. I always found several students who fell in love with chemistry or physics.

Looking back I can now see God’s plan.

I grew up moving every 2 years because my dad worked for Xerox. I call myself a Xerox Brat. I call Rochester, New York home because I attended high school there and my parents bought their final house there. Then I moved to West Virginia for my first job. It was far from home but God had a plan.

I met strong Christian friends in West Virginia during my first two years of being a teacher. I still say a prayer for any child I taught there because I did not do a good job but I learned and I got better. God moved me to Virginia then on to Colorado. I did not know God’s plan then but looking back now I see his plan to teach me how to move, make a new home, and be flexible.

Winter would be the hardest time for me. In the Fall, the students were ready to learn. In Spring, they were ready to be done. But Winter…. Winter we worked through dark, cold, snowy days.  We did not get many breaks, but when we did we all enjoyed them. Yes, teachers pray hard for snow days, too.

Even now Winter sometimes gets me down but now I am involved in more activities. I can see God’s plan to prepare me to move every few years and meet new challenges. Wherever I am working, God is with me and growing me. I know some days are challenging, or boring. Other days drag on or fly by.

No matter the circumstances, God has a reason for all things. 

I no longer teach full time for a paycheck. Instead, I teach Bible Studies and mentor women around me. It may not be a typical classroom, but the start of the “school year” still excites me. I love sharing God’s word. I love teaching. 

As I spend summers alone, not teaching, God brings songs on the radio for me to hear. His plan may be hard to see but then he brings the song “Reason” by Unspoken to lift me up.

Enjoy. Dance. Celebrate your work. God’s plan is perfect. Trust him, follow him closely!

Listen to Reason by Unspoken for more encouragement to watch for God’s plan in all that you do.

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