In today’s Sunday Prayer, Michelle prays for us to flourish in our God-Given work and covers everything we do and reminds us that all our work is meant to bring glory and honor to God.

Sunday Prayer

Flourishing in Our God-Given Work

by Michelle Hieb


We thank you and praise you for the work we have given us. Forgive us when we complain and grumble about our tasks, that they are boring, repetitive, tiresome, too difficult, too easy, or too anything. We forget that we are not serving ourselves, but called to serve you in everything we do. That all our workings are a gift from you and should be done to bring honor and glory to you.

We ask, Lord, that you give us your eyes to see the task before us. Please help us remember completing a small job poorly can cause the larger job to fail completely. We remember that when we are faithful in little things we become equipped to handle the next task. Thank you, Lord, for your grace and forgiveness for our laziness when we slack and do not give our best and for our pride when we believe our best is our own and not a gift from you.

God-Given Work is for God’s Glory

Lord, help us to see that while we are created for work it is what we do, not who we are. Keep us from turning our work into our identity, lest we forget that our identity is found in you. Please also keep us from turning our work into an idol, lest we worship what is created and not the creator. 

Lord, whether our work is the source through which you provide our needs or the means with which you provide for others, may we always keep in mind the words of Paul as he wrote in Colossians, to work heartily as for the Lord and not for men.

Lord, we ask that you work in the hearts of those who are in authority over us in our work. If they are your follower we thank you for placing a fellow believer over us and pray that you give them wisdom in their leadership. If the one over us is not a believer in you, we humbly ask that our faithfulness to you might be the means by which they also meet you and enter into eternal salvation.

May our diligence, faithfulness, and integrity be a light for you in a dark world. Thank you Lord for the work you have given us, may we use it today to bring honor and glory to you.

In Jesus’ Name,



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