Lord, God!
This land–
grasslands dotted with cattle
prairies bursting with grain
waters teeming with fish
trees drooping with fruit
fields full of lettuce and strawberries and carrots and cabbage and on and on it goesHow You have blessed us!Shelves of books
and pencils with paper
and rows of desks
and bright minds awakening
and time and peace to thinkHow You have blessed us!gardens of flowers
halls of paintings
cameras capturing myriads of beauties
colors and textures draping children

How You have blessed us!

Irish literature
British music
German drive
Native quietness
Puerto Rican flamboyancy
all living side by side

How You have blessed us!

multiple places of worship
loosed tongues
choices in destinies
no fear

How You have blessed us!

Great men
Great women
through the ages
loving all the way to bleeding for this land, these people

Grace, grace–God’s grace!

Sins forgiven
hearts stirred
doors opened by sacrifice
and gospel-tellers sent out to the whole world

Grace You have given, Grace we can share

And now we look to You.
A time to ask for Your forgiveness again.
To plead for wisdom.
To plead that You would continue to bless
for Your NameSake–
America, the leader and defender of the Christian world.
We see the gifts You have given.
And we see the responsibility. And we see our failures. And our weaknesses.
We see how much we need You.

Thy will be done!

Lord break our pride. Make us humble, for that is the only way to unite us.
Heal our land.
Forgive us of our sins, have long-suffering for us.
Heal our land.
We ask for Your wisdom and strength to govern ourselves.
Heal our land.
Show us our hurting people and how to truly help them.
Heal our land.
Give us an appetite for the truth. Give us the courage to use it. May it be shouted from the rooftops.
Heal our land.

Thank You for our public servants. We pray for their protection.
Thank You for our churches and chapels. May the words of their mouths and the actions of their hands be acceptable to You, from the Chief of Chaplains to the local Sunday School teacher.
Thank You for our military. May our leaders be following You. Please keep our warriors safe. Please keep the spirit of suicide away.

You have blessed us so
Please heal us
we trust in You!

Save us, Lord our God, and gather us from the nations,
that we may give thanks to your holy name and glory in your praise. –Psalm 106:47