Lord, we want to know You.
We want to see You in the room when we’re exhausted and don’t think we can continue.
We want to feel Your presence when the tears come.
We want to know Your joy when a new day starts.
We want to hear Your voice when we have to make decisions.

We want to be like You.
We want to act as You would when the kids are crazy.
We want to think like You when someone lashes out at us.
We want to speak like You to the hurting soul.
We want to work like You when the to-do lists never end.

We want to be like our Abba, Daddy.

Lord, may we be so overwhelmed by who You are that we respond as You would
to the orders
the deployments
the moves
the good times
the hard times.

We want to be so overwhelmed by You that we become unaware of ourselves.

We want to forgive like You do
We want to trust like You do
We want to see the perspective You see
We want to love the unlovable the way You do.

For You alone are worthy of such admiration
You alone are big enough for such adoration
You alone are good enough to change us, heal us, save us.

Thank You, Lord,
Creator of all beauty
Holder of all power
Keeper of all wisdom.

We pray for the military wife who has no peace in her marriage. Lord, show the way.
We pray for the exhausted and lonely mom. Lord, may she grow closer to You.
We pray for the new wife fearing her husband’s first deployment. Lord, please give her courage.
We pray for the empty nesters. Lord, give them new purpose.
We pray for the mom of the children with high needs. Strengthen them, Lord.
We pray for our volunteers trying to do so many different things for our communities.

May we be a light to our world, Abba. May we be like You.