Lord Jesus
Conquerer over sin and death,

With joy we proclaim He is risen! 
I don’t have to sit hopelessly in my shame
I don’t have to work constantly to make things right
I don’t have to grovel and beg, but only receive
I don’t have to live by the sword, die by the sword
I don’t have to take the punishment I so richly deserve
He is risen indeed!

He is risen!
I don’t have to continue to do the things I hate
I don’t have to respond the same way, with the same old habits
A lifeline has been thrown to me to pull me out of the whirlpool
You have forgiven me
He is risen indeed!

He is risen!
And I can rest in You
I don’t have to hold the grudge and make others pay
I don’t have to figure out the perfect revenge
I don’t have to make others sorry
I don’t have to manipulate, control, make sure I’m winning
You have forgiven, and I can forgive
He is risen indeed!

He is risen!
I don’t have to live so very alone
I don’t have to fear a distant holy God
I don’t have to handle things myself
I can crawl up into my Daddy’s lap
I can see His face, learn His ways, access His power
I am not an expendable pawn, a toy to be played with
My life is not meaningless coincidences, sound and fury, signifying nothing
I am loved
I am ransomed
I am saved
He is risen indeed!

He is risen!
I have hope, no matter what happens
Death isn’t the end–it’s the beginning
I will get to see my Jesus face to face
I will be with the ones I love
Every tear will be dried, every pain gone
I will live forever
with You
He is risen indeed!

He is risen!
Lord may this truth be real to our military today–from someone’s baby boy starting boot camp to the hardened sergeant in Afghanistan to the hurting veteran staring out the window. Don’t let their hearts be at rest until they find You.

May this truth be real to our military families–from the young bride far from home, to the mother of five watching the skies, to the kids of the veteran who can’t control his temper.

Lord please unleash revival in our ranks. May the true battle become clear. May suicide, pride, anger, selfishness be defeated.

We pray for protection around our military this week, in their training, in their flights, in their patrols. Thank You, Lord Jesus, that we can trust in You no matter what happens.

And we pray for our families this week. Lord, may grace and love abound. Teach us to forgive. Be with those who are struggling so hard. May we all live like we believe “He is risen!”

How awesome that we can pray to You. Thank You for Your sacrifice. Thank You for Your love.

He is risen indeed!