God of the universe, God of the little things

You provide the plankton to feed the whale.

You design each crystal of the snowflake.

You see the tiny mushroom,

and the fiddle head of the growing fern,

the first crocus on the forest floor.

You use the tiny fragments of dust to reflect pink in the sunrise.

You place the eyelashes on the newborn.

You show the sparrow its seed.

In the tiny things, we see Your awesome power.

We pray today for the tiny things that can rule our world if we let them:

We pray for our veterans who are lonely and depressed. We pray for the tiny things–a smile, a touch, eye contact. Infect their world with these good things and may they hold to You.

We pray for our little ones who are coming, have been born, are being adopted. Thank You, Lord for these tiny things that can change the world. Thank You for all the hope they hold.

We pray for our deployed. Help them deal with the little and big annoyances and problems.

We pray for our nation–Lord, please reign in all our leaders’ lives.

We pray for our military members’ jobs today. May it be a productive, kingdom-building day.

We thank You for continued healing of our sick–the tiny things in us that fight the illnesses, that heal the wounds.

We pray for us in this time of transition as so many of us prepare for or settle into a move. We pray for the little things that You can so easily take care of, and we trust in You. We pray for houses found/bought/sold/rented. For school decisions and driving distances and neighborhoods and friends for the kids, battle buddies for us.

But Lord, we don’t want it to be all about us. May we infect our world today with You through the little things.