That’s what it takes to do what God has asked of me.

It takes courage to step into the unknown, to set out on unclear paths, trusting His guidance. It takes courage to step into roles I know are far too big for me, trusting that He will make the difference. It takes courage to speak when I don’t really know the words, trusting the One who does. It all takes courage.

Courage is defined as: “mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.” (

Truly, courage is defying fear, facing unknowns, learning to trust.

To be courageous, though, sometimes takes more than just doing. I have had moments in my life when it has taken more courage to say no.

Jokingly, I tell people that God gave me my husband to hold my hand down, but it’s not altogether a joke. As I sit in meetings, hear needs of people and organizations around me, find business opportunities, or look at extracurricular opportunities for my kids, my first thought is usually, “That can’t be that hard.” No doubt I’ve said those words in my mind at least a million times over the years.

Surely you have too. I rationalize the thoughts. “It would only take a few hours a week.” “It would benefit my family to have a bit of extra income.” “I could do that pretty easily. I have the skills.” “It’s only one more activity and only for a couple of months.”

I know I’m probably the only one who talks to myself like this.

Courage over the years has been required in saying yes to things. But more often than not, it takes more courage for me to say no. It takes everything I am to walk away by choice.

It happened that time I left the Marine Corps, was asked to teach a Sunday School class, wanted to earn a bit of income, or desired to go back to school—small and big things, but just a few of the things that required courage to say no.

Over the years, I have learned a few things, one of which is determining the difference between good and best.

I have yet to perfect this skill, but I am continually learning. All of the things I desired to do or was asked to do were good things. They were things I had the skill and ability to do, things I could have made time for, things, in some cases, I really wanted to do. With some of those things, I had to walk away for life and some only for a season, but I still had to walk away.

Good or best? That is the bottom line. God’s desire for my life is not to have a good life, to get by until He comes again. God’s desire for me and for my life is BEST. His plan, His purpose, always BEST.

Courage. We need courage to step out, but we also need courage to walk away. Only the Lord knows which is BEST.

In the areas with which you are wrestling, which way is He calling you? Whichever way it is, choose BEST, with courage and boldness.