In this week’s Sunday Prayer, Jessica prays this short and powerful prayer for us to find the time to pray. Flourishing in our prayer lives requires us to make time to pray.

A close up of white and pink roses that says Sunday Prayer: Let us pray

A Prayer for Time to Pray

by Jessica Babcock


QUIET my mind,

CHASE away all the things that try to take your place in my thoughts,

SETTLE my heart on you,

REMIND me of your beauty and peace that overflow my being as I sit in your presence.

You are so kind and gentle with me as you wait for me to give you my time. Time seems to be my most valued asset. I have become so stingy with it, even with you. You, who are my top priority. I repent of putting you aside. I praise you and thank you for loving me through my shortcomings, for always being available, and for being my BEST FRIEND.

In Jesus Name. Amen.