Thank you“Thank you, Lord.

That is what I want to say today – Thank you.

Thank you, Lord, for the life you have given. Thank you for the moves, the houses you provided, the neighbors you gave, the churches where we belonged.

Thank you for the times of separation from those we love and times when we get to come together again.

Thank you for the health issues that don’t let me do what I want. Thank you for the times distant family has struggled with their health and I could not be there to help.

Thank you for the children who do some crazy things. Thank you for the marriage that has both struggled and flourished.

Thank you for the times in life that make me weary and the times I can rejoice in the moment. Thank you for victories and failures and all the moments in between.

Thank you for the fear that tries to grab me and the circumstances that almost run me over.

Thank you for duty stations where I struggle and destinations I have loved.

Thank you, Lord, for the adventure of this crazy life. I thank you for all of it. Not because it is all fun, but because you walked with me through it all and I am more like you today than I was when I started. Thank you for the story of grace and hope and joy and redemption that only You can write.

Thank you, Jesus.”

I close this Prayer Tuesday with a worship song – even though Worship Wednesday is tomorrow – but a song that has spoken to my heart as of late. Life can be crazy, but HE is there through all of it. I am so very thankful for each step of the way as He has taught me more of Him and made me more like Him. I would not be who I am today if He had taken me down a different path. I am thankful for the journey – all of it.


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