In this weeks’ Sunday Prayer, Hillary prays boldly for all children to grow in Christ. As a mother, these words echo the cry of my own heart.

Prayer for Children to Grow in Christ

by Hillary Baggett


Lord, we pray for the children of the world and specifically all those impacted by this military life. Guard their hearts against discouragement, pride, selfishness, loneliness, and apathy.

Fill them with your joy, grant them the peace that passes all understanding, and surround them with unconditional love.

Lead them to seek you with all their hearts, to share your message of hope. 

Spur them on to give their best in their education, their attitudes at home, respecting their parents, and serving their community. 

Give them the skills and attitudes they need to thrive in the next duty station, PCS, neighborhood, and church. Prepare the way for new friends and neighbors who will welcome them with invitations to make memories to last a lifetime.

Help our Children Soar

Instill in all children a desire for excellence, without falling into the trap of perfection. Make them brave, but not prideful. Help them soar!

Renew the hope in children who are over 18, but still someone’s child. And in those who feel stuck in a certain stage of life. We are all children of the Most High. We are indeed dearly loved!

Together, we proclaim protection and freedom from the spirits of hopelessness, helplessness, depression, anxiety, bullying, insignificance, and suicide in the Name of Jesus over every single child and adult in the military life.

Grow their faith, help any and all unbelief, let all who read this experience you, Lord, in a new and fresh, tangible way today.

May each child bring you glory, Lord, shining your light for all to see. We flourish not because of our own strength, but because we trust and obey in the Almighty God of the universe.

In Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.