For this week’s Thursday Prayer, Denise prays that all the women and children in our military community would find peace in the garden of prayer.

Peace in the Garden of Payer

by Denise Jolly



We come to you with childlike faith. In that beautiful space that is a conversation time with you, Prayer. 


Through our prayer, Lord, may our children grow and bloom in that garden you have built for peace and quiet time with you.  Father, we pray for their friendships to be built on you. We lift up those little ones struggling in this world: with the next move to a new duty station, the next set of friends, and when their service members seem more of a memory than an active presence.


We pray, Father, for those moms that just don’t know where to start with their children. That in those moments of difficulty and frustration their prayers are fierce and their words soft. That they bring a response of comfort and understanding. 


We are praying today, God, for those children who don’t know you. That they glimpse your garden of salvation and run right in. 


We pray for a gathering of moms who share your love and need a place of comfort in navigating parenting in this hard world. 


We pray that our children grow to become warriors for you that the enemy fears. That they remain covered in the prayers of these beautiful moms clinging to you through it all. 


We speak a special request for the Moms of special needs children.  That through prayers of friends and loved ones they remain encouraged. 


We lift up those service members and their family members who have lost hope and consider suicide. Replace their doubts with faith and show them your love, by whatever means necessary to stay their hand and bring healing to their hearts and minds.


Finally, Father, we pray for those who yearn for children. That they grow in the waiting and find comfort in the unknown because of the sovereignty in you. 




“There’s a garden where Jesus is waiting,

There’s a place that is wondrously fair.

For it glows with the light of His presence,

‘Tis the beautiful garden of prayer.”

From The Beautiful Garden of Prayer by James Cleveland


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