Can you feel it?! Aren’t you excited?! The buzz of anticipation, the opportunity for a fresh start.


No, I am not talking about Spring. Ladies, it’s the beginning of another PCS season! Hip hip hooray!

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Whether you starting your PCS purge, or planning a vacation of epic proportions because you aren’t moving this summer, it’s a season of great excitement, joy, and never ending fun.


Oh, if only we looked at PCS season with that positive attitude. Instead most of us spend PCS season in worry or fear. Worry that the assignment will go completely against what you had planned. Fear that the orders will never come.  And the minute you get that golden ticket in your hand, then the real fun beings. We spend countless hours searching for the perfect house, the absolute best school, the most trusted doctor, and only the most fabulous hairdresser will do. Google and Great Schools become our best friend. Every free second we have is smothered by the move. We fight for every ounce of control we can muster, do our best to make sure this move and the next assignment are the absolute best they can be.

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This fight for control does not bring out the best in us. It leaves feeling stressed, maybe a little grumpy. We look to place blame when things don’t go as planned, or in a timely manner. I know. I was there a month while the “powers to be” were sorting out our next assignment. It was not my finest moment. I am not proud of the way I handled the whole situation. Thank goodness for God’s forgiveness and grace!


As we stress, worry, fret, and fight for control, we are forgetting one very important fact. God’s got this. He already has it planned perfectly planned out for us. He sends us where He needs us, not where we want to go. He is the great provider. God’s got this!


Take a moment, take a big deep breath. Relax. Sit in that peace for a moment. Whether it be 30 seconds, 5 minutes, or however long you need. Sit in His presence. Sit with God. Trust His lead. Let him take control. Breath.

Lord, we enter a season unique to our military world. A season of change and we all know change is does not come easy. Lord, I ask you to let all these wonderful women feel Your presence and Your peace as we move deeper into PCS season. May they see Your hand and Your path clearly so that they may trust and follow You with all they do. Be their refuge, their safe place to turn to when the stress gets to be heavy to burden alone. Bless them and keep them safe in You. -Amen