This week our Events Team has taken over our social media, and Kasey shares what it meant to her, as a woman in uniform, to attend a Christian, Military, Women’s conference. 

My Experience at a Christian Military Women’s Conference

Planting Roots is a community of women who have three key identities in common: female, Christian, and having association with the military. Finding other people who have all three of these things in common is pretty challenging. Therefore, when I stumbled upon Planting Roots, (thanks to my husband), I couldn’t have been more excited.

I immediately got connected and involved virtually, which was extremely convenient since we are all in geographically separate locations around the world. However, it was not until my first staff conference that it really clicked how deeply the bonds are rooted between so many incredible ladies.

In-person fellowship is invaluable.

Yes, virtually connecting with others is beneficial. It gives you someone to connect with from afar, but it is not quite the same as talking face-to-face. By the end of the first interactive session of the conference, I got it. We spoke the same language, we had parallel experiences, and we all loved God. I was able to seek wisdom from those who are further down the path than I,  connect with peers who are living similar lives, and  talk about how the military is our mission field and changes every few years. It was such a meaningful experience; I quickly made lifelong mentors and friends. In my experience, it is easy to find women’s ministries. However, it is not easy to find groups of women who understand the military lifestyle and all the challenges that come along with it.

Now more than ever, we need in-person fellowship. The last year and a half has been difficult and isolating. But now, we have the chance to gather together to learn about God, interact and share stories, and to grow together as a unique sect of the body of Christ.

Will you be there?

This year’s theme at Planting Roots is “Rise Up, Finding Your Place at the Wall.” This applies to all of us, because God has a place and purpose for all of us. We have some talented speakers and workshops lined up, so hopefully you will find a way to be there! I personally, cannot wait to make more connections and get amped up to go spread the Gospel where God has me right now. That is the magic of the military–God gives us the special chance to live in different places around the world and spread His Gospel there. Let this upcoming conference be the catalyst, motivation, and inspiration to be on fire for God where He has you.

I’ll see you in Colorado!

-Kasey Raia Stout, 1st Lt, USAF


Want more information and to register for Planting Root’s Fall Christian Military Women’s Conference? Visit the registration page HERE.