Today on Firmly Rooted Fridays we have a special Advent edition.  Writer, Michelle Hieb reminds us of the unbelievable possibilities when God Steps in to our Hope.

Hope star on christmas tree

When God Steps into Hope

by Michelle Hieb


Hope… it’s an interesting word we throw out so casually. Usually we hear the word hope affiliated with any number of materialistic, temporary desires or desired set of circumstances. “I hope I get married,” “I hope I become a mother,” “I hope this deployment is shortened,” “I hope we PCS to Hawaii,” “I hope you have a great birthday.” Did you know that hope is both a noun and a verb? 


Webster defines it as: Noun: desire accompanied by expectation of or belief in fulfillment or verb: to cherish a desire with anticipation : to want something to happen or be true


Hope like this is so insubstantial. Hope defined like this leaves us standing on shaky ground. It is too insignificant to hold all that was contained in a small child lying in a manger.

God’s Hope

What happens when God steps into Hope? The Greek noun for hope is elpis, defined By Strong’s as “joyful and confident expectation of eternal salvation”. The Greek verb translated to hope is elpizō and is defined as “to wait for salvation with joy and full confidence”. Did you notice the change? Secular hope is a mere desire, when God steps in, hope becomes a confident expectation and the fulfillment is clarified. No longer is the outcome ever shifting but a fixed point-eternal salvation. 

We celebrate Christ’s birth because through his death and subsequent resurrection he became our salvation. He is the truth that our world desperately needs. He is and will be our salvation. You can walk through each day knowing that your salvation is already complete on this earth and for eternity. God’s hope is unchanged by our circumstances or mood and has the power to change our perception of both.

Which hope is shaping you and your understanding of your circumstances today? Is your life marked by the joyful and confident expectation that comes from knowing you are a beloved child of God today and for eternity? Or do you waiver, wanting it to be true, but not quite sure because the circumstances, pains and hurts of this life leave you doubting? He knows and he understands. Ask him to replace your doubts with confidence that you may experience his joy this Christmas. 


May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. Romans 15:13

Have you invited God into your HOPE?  The Planting Roots Prayer Team is always willing and available here to meet you in prayer.