Denise Jolly joins us for Firmly Rooted Friday with a reminder that it’s the season of Joy and reminds us to count it all joy.

joy ornament on christmas tree

It’s the season of JOY…let me count the ways.  

By Denise Jolly


There always seems to be a call to joy this time of year. My challenge as a Christ follower is to live a life marked by a constant remembrance of Joy.  After all, this isn’t just a season but an honoring of the reason for the joy. All the days of my life. 


If we serve the God of hope, then joy is a calling that is a natural outcome. 

A relation in hope of what’s to come, and joy in the face of our Father in heaven. Should those reminders not be a rejuvenation during the hard days?


When I think of joy, I think of Mary’s face when she looked upon Jesus after labor. What Mary Magdalen felt after those three days of darkness. The woman who touched his cloak out of desperation and a last act of hope. When Jesus spoke to her and called her daughter. 

Not the world’s view of joy, but the bubbling that springs forth that accompanies peace in the midst of it all. One that holds reassurance that you are in the presence of the Father’’s love for you. Love that sometimes we forget, but never leaves us. 


As a child of God, I get this thought process right about half the time. But when I return to these rays of joy it is so very sweet. My remembrance is my blessing. The counterculture of the pursuit of what this world has to offer. More than one day of the year, but a light I can hold onto, and that was given with shed blood and a spirit left with me. 


Yes, I count it all JOY and I remember his love all the days I am blessed to disciple and bring the same truth that was given to me. A gift better than any shiny package waiting under a tree. 


I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.

John 15:11

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