For this week’s Sunday prayer, Hillary prays for God to inspire us to flourish even as we celebrate in the hard times.

A close up of white and pink roses that says Sunday Prayer: Let us pray

Flourish as We Celebrate in Hard Times

by Hillary Baggett


Dear Lord, 

We thank you for the air we breathe and each new day on the horizon.

Each sunrise brings fresh mercies from the gift of your Word that is like living water to our souls. The falling leaves remind us you are cleansing the trees and preparing them for a time of rest.

This is a season of Thanksgiving – seeing and appreciating all you have given us in this life and beyond. Show us how to celebrate the special opportunities to be with members of our family, even and especially the challenging ones.

How do we celebrate every day in the hard times, Lord?

To say good-bye to a friend, the death of a spouse, the loss of a child? We come to the altar, baring our souls and heartache and you, O Lord, do not disappoint! You cradle our hearts, count every tear, and firmly hold us in your righteous right hand.

For those who have lost their husband, wife, sister, child, and/or parent, we celebrate who you are God, in the midst of this sorrow. As we navigate our lack of understanding, teach us to trust you, Lord with all of our hearts. You are the God who can provide comfort when there are simply no words.

You love us ferociously like a fiercely protective mama bear or lion! You know our hearts. You know our thoughts. We can not hide our sorrow from you. You wield love like a mighty sword, piercing our situation and providing us with the reminder that you are Sovereign, O Lord. And, you, God, are love.

You love us through it all, Lord.

Love us through grief, protect us from the spirit of suicide, shield our hearts and minds with FAITH, the helmet of SALVATION, and the breastplate of your RIGHTEOUSNESS, Lord. Gird our waists with the belt of your TRUTH. Show us how to walk in PEACE  and share the gospel that is your love story for us. Teach us to PRAY and remember to seek you, even in hard times.

As we approach Christmas, let us remember the gift of Jesus, and his birth. No matter what happens in this earthly life, we have a reason to celebrate – true HOPE!

In Jesus Name, we pray. Amen.


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