A close up of white and pink roses that says Sunday Prayer: Let us pray

All is well.

Because of Your love
all can be well,
all will be well,
and all is well.

Lord help us hold to that as the rush and roar of this world spools up. Help us cling to the joy and wonder that the God of the universe would come to be with us, that You would enter our mess to save us from it. Lord, help us not to have soul amnesia, but to remember You hold us, and we can trust You.

We can trust that all is well.

Through the fires,
the plane crashes,
the fallen soldiers,
the rough moves,
the separations,
the difficult work situations,
all is well
because You are God.

Lord, may Your will reign supreme on the Korean peninsula, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran and so many other hurting places.

We pray all is well with our deployed troops. May the hard times bring them closer to You. Please bless their efforts to bring peace on earth. Please keep them safe and bring them home.

We pray for the young military members, away from home for the first time this Christmas. May they feel Your presence.

We pray all is well with our military families…

The ones struggling in their marriage, the ones struggling with sickness, the ones grieving over loss, those who are PCSing, those who need houses bought/sold/rented.

In all these things, Lord, may we seek Your face as the shepherds did.

We pray for those who have lost loved ones recently, and those who are failing.
We pray for the families of our fallen as they face this time and a new year.
We pray for those fighting cancer.

We pray for those recovering from disaster.
We pray for the kids struggling in school, or because of a move, or because of an absent parent.
We pray for parents–from the tired parents of toddlers to the anxious parents of teens–please give us wisdom.
We pray for those retiring. Lord, please guide their steps.
We pray for those deploying and going to training. Lord, please grant safe travel. Please be with their families and give them endurance.

God, please protect our military from the spirit of suicide.

Father, please give peace and wisdom to our leaders, especially as they decide on assignments and choose new people for positions (including the Chief of Chaplains’ office).

Lord God, please be with our veterans and please calm their personal wars.

It is only through You, Lord, that our soul can find rest in the midst of such need. We will tell of it. We will sing it. We will remember it and live like it. Help us, Father.

Thank You, Lord, for our assurance that all is well–because of You.

Carrie Underwood & Michael W Smith Sing “All Is Well”-Song Only (CMA Country Christmas)