Tonia prays for the health of our Warriors for this week’s Sunday prayer. What a privilege to be able to pray to the God who made every cell in our bodies. Join us this week to pray for the health of our warriors.

A close up of white and pink roses that says Sunday Prayer: Let us pray

A Prayer for the Health of Our Warriors

by Tonia Gutting


Lord God who made the body–

the fibula, the mitochondria, the canine tooth, the pupil–

You are the master of the creation,

down to every cell.

You alone can truly protect, truly heal.


Thank you for the head,

our minds that can imagine cantatas,

figure out how to move ships and fly planes,

create the willpower to keep taking one more step.

Health from Head to Toe

We pray for our warriors’ heads. We pray for safety and the functioning of helmets. We pray for protection of hearing. May their eyes see; and may their hearts be able to handle what they see. We thank you for dental care and we pray our deployed would not be hindered by a toothache. We pray for our veterans with traumatic brain injuries. May they have patience in the healing.


Lord, our very breath of life is from you. We pray for the health of our warriors’ lungs. May they be protected from the many fumes. May they learn to use this gift of cleansing breath in focusing on you.


We thank you for strong shoulders and the ability to carry heavy loads, physically and emotionally. And we pray for those who have to. May they be able to give the burden to you and draw from your strength. 


We thank you for arms to hold and hands to work. May we use them to do your bidding, whether it is to destroy or to build. Please strengthen our warriors’ arms and give their hands the skills needed.


We thank you for the strength in the legs. We pray for the new recruits trying to pass the PT test. We pray for the old sergeants needing foot surgery. We pray for our deployed’s safety as they march over foreign lands.

Prayer for the Health of Our Warriors Who are Wounded

Father, please be with our veterans who have lost limbs. May they find courage and purpose to complete this new mission you have given. Please be with all our veterans as they deal with pain, injuries, failing bodies. May you become greater in their lives.


Lord, you know all the things that have to function rightly for our warriors to get out of bed in the morning. We pray for those who are sick, those fighting cancers, those whose hearts can’t keep up. Please give doctors wisdom, caregivers courage, and patients patience.  


Whether in sickness or in health, may our military members see you, the giver of the gift of life.



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