What’s up girlfriends?!

Today is “hump day” and we can see the finish line! Just put your head down, press in and keep moving forward. We got this. Now let’s talk about Jesus!

I had the pleasure of homeschooling my 3 Dufflings all the way through high school. Let’s just say I have the marks to prove it! Seriously, most of the time I would pinch myself to make sure I was really living the dream of time with my Dufflings that never seemed to end!

But, of course I must share a funny and there will be no names to protect the not so innocent, lol! For many years I ran a science co-op with several moms that would rival any private school in its curriculum, educational prowess, and of course fun! I had the delight of teaching the middle school class.

One day I announced to my class that I would be giving a text next week. Cue the moans, groans, and sobs! Then I said, “This will be a different kind of test; it will be open book.” Now cue the confused stares and raised hands along with, “What is that?” I explained that I would allow them to use their textbooks to answer all of the questions. Cue the cheers, claps, and dancing!

The next week I gave them their test papers and said, “Here you go. Now open up those books and get started!” Cue the clapping, cheering, and big grins! About 35 minutes later you could see the sadness, confusion, and frustration seep into every student’s face. Things were not going as they had planned. But how hard it could be? They had the book with all of the answers to the questions. Who knew it would be this hard?

One by one they surrendered their test papers and I saw a few blank answers. When asked what they thought about the test, the resounding answers were, “I couldn’t find most of the answers because I didn’t know where to look.” It was a hard lesson learned, but it needed to be taught.

Just because you have the book with the answers, you still need to know where to find them, so reading the book before the test is essential.

“Once again I’ll go over what God has done, lay out on the table the ancient wonders; I’ll ponder all the things you’ve accomplished, and give a long, loving look at your acts.” Psalm 77:11 (MSG)

We are looking at a spiritual open book test. We are responsible for knowing who our God is, what our God is capable of, and remembering His powerful acts on our behalf.

The Word of God is not useful to us as believers if we do not choose to read it, know it, and ponder it.

Worship is one of those ways. Worship is an expression of a deeper knowing of God, a place of safety that will propel us and keep us moving forward. Worship is not an option, it is a necessity.

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So, we must open the book. Reading the Word of God as an act of worship allows us to know Him, but even more so it allows us to know us. The Word of God is a declaration of God’s goodness toward us and how it shapes us as believers.

Remember to open the Bible and prepare for the test; trust me it’s coming.

There is a song that has been ringing in my heart ever since I knew I would be sharing a blog on worship–“Worth” by Anthony Brown. It is a beautiful declaration of how great our God’s love is for us before we even knew Him. I pray that as you listen to this worship song you will be reminded of how greatly you are loved.

Until next time, Worship, Seek, Remember, and Stand!

p.s. I am pleased to announce that each of my middle schoolers graduated from high school. Some went on to graduate from college, begin a career in the military, and all are pursuing Jesus! So, open book tests are great skill builders that will yield great fruit down the road!