This through back Worship Wednesday by Sarah McKinney reminds us that, “Grace upon grace” is ours.

Grace Upon Grace…

Strength 2 Thrive Conference

November 7th, 2015 – Centreville, Virginia


Looking out over a crowd of military women, my heart is stirred. My heart is stirred for the passion and testimony that gathers together to worship the Lord, grow in the Lord, and defy the pressures of this world.

It is a powerful unfolding to watch the grace of the Lord descend upon women who are wholeheartedly sold out to His good plans and purposes for their lives. Grace rests upon them, not because they are perfect or have it all together, but because they are seeking Jesus…and more of Him in their lives. Grace rests upon them because in a day and age when women are repeatedly told that they are not enough, these women have chosen to press into the One who IS enough. And grace upon grace is meted out in abundance….and it is exquisitely beautiful.


This past weekend was the Strength 2 Thrive Planting Roots Conference in Centreville, Virginia. I am still in awe at watching the goodness and grace of the Lord unfold upon this special time. Women laughed and cried, sang their hearts out in worship – joined in the anthem of praise as it rose up like a mighty roar. We met new friends, reveled with old ones, and spread our arms to welcome into the fold those who are just beginning this military adventure. It was glorious indeed!

And as we gathered together, something quite miraculous happened. I pray that I will never take it for granted and will forever be grateful for the grace upon grace – and His inexhaustible good gifts – that was lavishly poured out that day. This is what it looked like – at least from where I stood:

There was…

…laughter shared

…healing offered

…inspiration poured out

…joy restored

…hope for tomorrow

….grace for today

…arms held up

…arms reaching out

…tears falling

…eyes refocused

…hearts connected

…lives touched

…strength renewed

…souls refreshed


Grace imparted…grace upon grace. Over and over again…and again and again.


Unfailing grace

Unfettered grace

Beautiful grace

Surprising grace

Freeing grace

Bountiful grace

Inexhaustible grace

Grace upon grace. Strength to thrive and grow in the grace that already belongs to each of us. We have more grace than we could ever need, much less exhaust. It is ours in Jesus. It is ours. Grace upon grace is ours. Hallelujah! Who the Son sets free is free indeed! That freedom and grace and mercy is our strength. Our hope and joy has been secured on an immovable cross of grace…and His blood poured out for you, for me, will always be enough. Always.

The song I want to share with you today is from singer/songwriter, Dara MacLean, called, “Only Grace.” As my Planting Roots Worship Team prepared and rehearsed for the conference, I shared some of the lyrics of this song with them…

“Every gift the Father gives, He gives and gives again. It’s got nothing to do with me and you. That’s just who He is.”

Can I get an amen? What a good, good Father!

With joy for the journey,