The questions and the answers

Every year I struggle to get my brain around the fact that Christmas has come around again. Is it really here already? And every year, in the midst of Christmas lists, social bustling, and twinkling lights I find myself anticipating Him. And it never ceases to amaze me that the long awaited questions He answered two thousand years ago are the same ones He will answer this year.

And He will continue to answer them again and again and again, as many times as it takes.

Do You hear me?

Do You see me?

Will You lead me?

Do I matter to You?

Will You be enough for me?

You see, after the last prophet had spoken to the people of God there was a 400 year silence. During that time, according to scripture, God was silent. That’s a really long time. A really long time to wait for a Promised Messiah.

I imagine that at first, they were not alarmed. They were busy with their own life’s demands and perhaps it just didn’t feel that much different. Why did they really need Him to “speak” – hadn’t they heard all He had to say already?

They knew that there was a promised Messiah, but no one knew for sure when, or if, He would come. And so, day in and day out, they went on with their own lives…questions hanging in the air. Questions that begged for answers. Questions that yearned to find answers….until the long awaited time finally arrived.

Zechariah had questions. Jesus answered them. (Luke 1:5-15).

Mary had questions. Jesus answered them. (Luke 1:26-39)

Joseph had questions. Jesus answered them. (Matthew 1:18-24)

The Shepherds had questions. Jesus answered them. (Luke 2:8-17)

The Wise Men had questions. Jesus answered them. (Matthew 2:1-2; 9-11)

This Christmas, I believe there are questions Jesus still answers.

The need that they had thousands of years ago is the same need we have today. We need a Savior. We need Jesus! Each of us has expectations. We all have questions that beg for answers. So this Christmas season and as we enter the new year, I pray that your heart would be open to the whispers of the greatest gift you’ve ever been given – Jesus. He is still in the answering business, beloved…

He hears you. (Just like He heard Zechariah)

He sees you. (Just like He saw Mary)

He is leading you. (Just like He led Joseph)

You matter to Him. (Just like He chose the lowly Shepherds)

He is more than enough. (Just like He proved to the Wise Men)

Jesus. He answered all the questions that matter. He is. He was. He still does. He always will. Jesus is everything. He is enough.


***The song I want to share with you is from BeBo Norman’s Christmas album entitled, “Come and Worship.” I pray that as you come into this new year, you would do so with great expectation…for the Savior and Redeemer of 2000 years ago, is the Savior and Redeemer still. To Him be all the glory and honor and praise!


With joy (and hope) for the journey,