A close up of white and pink roses that says Sunday Prayer: Let us pray

Behold your King!

Lord God Almighty, may we behold You this year!

In the hard times, teach us to instinctively turn our face to You.

In the good times, help us to remember You.

When news and changes come, may we go first to You in prayer.

May our military members see You everywhere they turn.

May they respond to Your relentless pursuit.

May they be prepared to see You face to face.

Lord we pray for the new recruits coming in this year. May this major life change draw them closer to You.

We pray for those who are keeping up the fight, day after day. Father God may they see they can’t make it on their own strength. May they know Your power.

We pray for those who are leaving the military for one reason or another. Please guide them step by step Lord.

And Lord God please show Yourself to our hurting veterans. May they truly know the Emmanuel Father.

Please comfort the families of our fallen, Father. Give them courage to face this coming year.

Lord please grant extra grace to our warrior’s marriages. May we forgive and love like You do.

Give our children courage Father. We pray for the kids who are struggling with academics, emotions, development.

We pray for those in throes of PCS-ing. Show them the way Lord, and may they turn to You in their loneliness and stress.

We pray for those in the process of adoption. Thank You Lord for homes for these little ones, and please make the path clear.

May You get all the glory Lord. All the promotions, all the evaluations, all the successful missions–none could happen without You. Forgive us when we act otherwise.

Without You, there is no hope. No light. No joy in the new year. Give us more of You, God! Thank You that You are happy to do so. We are grateful to behold You, our King.