Standing in awe, captured by the light, by the glory, by the awesomeness of God. I look to the heavens, to the mountains, to the bursting color of spring and my knees grow weak and my hands go up. That’s my posture these days.

Wonder. Awe.

I am simply amazed by it all. All of it. The stars on the moonlit waters, the sun echoing across the rippling clouds, the twinkle in my children’s eyes, the compassion and mercy of a stranger on the street.

Yes. I am even learning to see it in darker spaces, too…

In the hands that are bruised and bloody because they keep reaching out to a broken world, in the tears of loss and grief, and in the letting go.

Yes. Even in brokenness and suffering, wonder still grips me. Because, ultimately, when you hold it all up to His infinite mercy and grace, the knees still go weak and the hands go up.

Yes, even in these hard spaces, this posture of wonder remains.

I am seeing grace. I am seeing love. Gripped by this testimony, even amid a hard and messy life, I cannot deny His Presence, His grace, His provision and His great abiding love. It is there.

He has declared the victory.

He has written our story within His own.

He has announced our hope with a hallelujah chorus.

He has proclaimed the AMEN!

He has professed our inheritance, our citizenship, our glorious hope!

In His life, in His spoken Word, and even in His death – all creation shouts a testimony of His great faithfulness – His mighty heart for His beloved.

May we never grow tired of or lose our grip on His wondrous grace for this moment, for this time…for all time.

The song I want to share with you is from Hillsong Worship entitled, “Behold.” Someone recently recommended it to me and it has totally blessed my heart. Later in the video, the song writer shares the story of writing it and explains that to “behold” means “to see and to take note.” My prayer is that we would all see and take note of who God is and what He has done (and continues to do) for us. May you be inspired to wonder this week.

With joy for the journey,