Join Morgan Farr as she shares our Women’s History Month Resource List and why it matters for military women.

Women’s History Month Resource List

by Morgan Farr

Women’s History Month

You will most likely have noticed a theme if you have been paying attention to our social media channels this month.

We spent all of March showcasing women in military history.

We gathered all the women featured here, so you can view them easily. These women run the gamut from Queens to ordinary foot soldiers, rebel insurgent leaders, and Medal of Honor recipients.

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We chose to showcase these women because their stories opened the doors for those of us who walk military life today, yet many of these women have been forgotten.

With less than 1% of the population in the United States wearing military uniforms, it is easy to understand how they forget about the military and the people that serve. They don’t live this life; it isn’t as real for them.

But those of us living in military life cannot forget the people that came before us. As Christian women walking through military life, we must learn from one another and draw strength from the testimonies of women who have walked this life before us, both in the uniform and as military wives.

Military Women

Women have been in military life since the earliest recorded military events. When they weren’t allowed in the military, women worked as laundresses, cooks, unofficial nurses, and messengers. In the early aughts of women being admitted into the US military, women filled various positions with substandard compensation and treatment.  

  • Nearly 20,000 women served the Union Army in various ways during the Civil War. 3,000 of those women served as nurses, and approximately 1,000 women disguised themselves as men to fight on both sides of the war.
  • 3,000 American nurses were sent to British Hospitals in France during WWI… let that sink in for a minute. At a time when they could not legally vote in this country, they served the nation anyway.
  •  And almost 350,000 women from the United States served in WWII. 

None of the women who served in these wars had the same pay, rights, or standing as the men with the same rank. In fact, during this time, the comptroller general declared that under the laws which governed military pay said, QUOTE “Women were not persons.” This changed when President Harry S. Truman signed the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act which allowed women to serve as permanent members of all branches of the United States military.

Seeing that women have been an active part of military life throughout history is essential because representation matters.

Their stories matter. Their stories from yesterday led to our stories today. 

More than 200,000 people join the military annually. 

The breakdown between the genders in the military is roughly 27% female, and 73% male. 

These statics mean that there are roughly 230,000 women in the military right now that need to know the love of Jesus Christ and to grow in their faith. Our stories matter because they are what the next generation of military women will build upon for tomorrow.

Planting Roots

That is where we come in.

At Planting Roots, we aim to help military women and wives be deeply rooted in Christ, no matter where they find themselves. We do this by building a community, providing connection and biblical foundation, and challenging each other to find our stability in Christ wherever the military sends us.

If we want to continue to have women in the military community, both wearing the uniform and as military spouses, we need to remember the contributions made by women in history. We have to tell the women of tomorrow the stories of the women who walked before them, partner with these same women as they walk in uniform, and help them mentor the women to come next.

This is our responsibility and privilege as women in the military community and daughters of the most-high God.

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