Ah Lord, as tiny eyes flutter open and little mouths open for their first cry–

as they start the song of their new life, we thank You. We are amazed again and again at Your creativity, Your love, Your hope for our future.

We pray for health and strength for our little ones. We ask for Your protection over them and may their song for You grow with every day.

We pray for our school kids as they take on each new day. May they learn to be difference-makers. May they find their joy in what You have gifted them. Be with them in their lonely times. May the hard times mold them without breaking them.

For our military kids, Lord, please guard their hearts as they await the return of their deployed parents. May they learn to turn to You when others fail them. Please help them find new friends in new schools. May they be the friend who can encourage and point others to You.

We pray for our young adults who are finding their way. Lord please make the path You would have them take be clear. May they find joy in learning, passion in serving, and a continual love for You.

We pray for our kids who are sick or injured. We pray for the little guy who got an eye injury, we ask for Your continued healing, and Your direction in his life if he can’t see with it again. We pray for the baby whose bones are so fragile. Please help her grow strong. We pray for the little preemie who needs to keep growing. We pray for the many pregnancies and the labor and delivery. We pray for the young boy who is full of anxiety with his dad deployed.

We pray for the young adults who are straying from You, Lord. Thank You for Your long-suffering. Please make them miserable until they return to the truth they know, Lord.

We pray for our kids who have gone into the military; please keep them safe. For those and the ones in college, please help them with their many tasks and tests. For all those in the launching process, we pray for wisdom and courage.

And we pray for the children of our fallen and of our hurting veterans. Lord hold them close. May they sing Your song of hope to those around them. We pray against depression and suicide in our military families. 

Lord may this next generation lift their voices to You louder than the previous ones! May Your goodness be known by them. May our kids be singing their songs for Your glory all their days.