This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

1 John 5:14

Have you ever felt like your prayers to God were not being heard? Or did it seem as if it took forever to see His manifestation take place in that one jacked up situation that kept getting worse? Well, I can raise both hands. But rest and trust in the promise that God Hears You!

My husband and I just recently took a little time to get away from the routine of everyday life. And our main focus was the beach with sand between our toes and an abundance of fresh seafood.

But God always has a greater plan that super-exceeds our thoughts or plans.

As Christians we should always leave the window of opportunity open for God to move. Now if you are like me, I don’t want too many things to come and knock my plans off course, so my window will only be cracked for just a small breeze and not wide open for a great wind to blow me off course.

But through many life-challenges I quickly had to learn that God’s plans are so much greater and they always involve people other than just me.

Now, back to our time away. Before leaving our house, we gathered together as a family and prayed for a safe journey to and from our destination and of course for some well-deserved rest. However, our midnight flight experience was not the best, which led us to more whispers of prayers for a safe landing. Well, yes God heard those whispers and granted us a safe trip.

My family and I were extremely exhausted from flying throughout the night and by the time we landed it was 6am. But before all of the vacation could start, I was experiencing a tugging at my heart to make some time to stop by and visit a very special person.

So after a few hours of rest I decided to make a drop-in visit to a service member who has become so dear to my heart. She had no clue that I was in town and how God had laid it upon my heart to stop by and pay her a surprise visit.

I truly wish that I had a production team with cameras to record this priceless moment when I walked into her squadron. Her face had several reactions all at one time. And at one point I thought she was going to pass out. Before she could gather her emotions together, she took several moments to lie in my arms and stare at me making sure that I was physically there in the flesh and it was not a dream.

Little to my knowing, it had been no more than 24-48 hours before this that she had prayed a special prayer to God for some spiritual direction. And maybe about four days prior she had sent me this very short text that read “I MISS YOU!” I chose not to respond to the text because I knew I would be in town. However, I had no clue what petitions she had brought before God.

God heard her cry and chose to use my husband and me to give her and several other troops hope, spiritual wisdom, and direction towards the next steps in their careers just at the right time.

Her reaction when I first showed up is similar to what we might do when God answers our prayers. Sometimes we may just bask in His presence or stare into the clouds with no words, but tears of joy. So many people think we are supposed to react a certain way such as jumping or screaming or crying when God answers our prayers, but many times we are stunned by how fast He answers.

God hears your prayers during those most difficult times such as deployments, unwanted assignments, feeling alone when your spouse is TDY, depression, loss of a loved one, or just the day-to-day responsibilities. I encourage you that as you go through any challenge thrown at you please always remember,

there is no prayer too big or small that God cannot hear and answer.

Whether it is a whisper for safety, a deep cry for mercy, or a plea for guidance and direction, trust and believe “God Hears You!”

Grace and Peace Be With You,



Janice WebbJanice M. Webb a creative, out-of-the-box visionary and a passionate leader of young women. She is a military wife to a very supportive husband and mother of three rambunctious young adults. She is also a thriving entrepreneur and the owner of “Step By Step Footies” since 2014. She is looking to release her first book, entitled Taylor Made Grace, by the end of 2015. But most of all, Janice enjoys spending time with her family and sitting outside on a sunny day having a conversation with her husband. Visit her website:[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]