As Satan attempts to isolate and shame our military members, we pray for spiritual battle buddies to comfort, strengthen, and encourage them.


A Prayer for Spiritual Battle Buddies

Good, good Father,

to David You gave Jonathan

to Moses, Aaron

to Paul, Timothy–


And so we pray for Your sweet provision for our warriors.

May they find deep friendships, spiritual battle buddies.

May they sharpen each other, hold each other accountable,

hold each other up, spur each other on.

May they laugh together.


This world is too lonely, Lord, especially in our military.

Help our military members find friends, and go deep quickly.

Please help them stay connected through the moves.

And Lord please hold them close; help them grieve,

when so many they know die and they can’t take the time to mourn.


May they be willing to reach out again.

May they have those they can truly trust.

May they be quick to defend, to encourage.

May they rejoice with those who rejoice, (even when jealous)

and weep with those who weep.


Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Your example of selfless love for others.

And thank You for always being with us, even in our darkest, most lonely hours

Help our warriors learn to lean in to You. May Your presence be very real in their lives.

We pray for our veterans. May they find healthy relationships and community and purpose.

We pray against the choking spirit of loneliness, the demonic spirit of suicide.

Lord may our warriors reach out to You and to each other and conquer the isolation of shame.


For You alone can heal the heart.

You alone can be the friend closer than the brother.

You alone will never fail to love.

Thank You, Abba.

In the Name of Jesus, we pray.


(Written by Tonia Gutting)