Let’s all join Tonia in prayer for military women around the globe. Happy New Year from the Planting Roots Prayer Team.

praying women hands

A 2020 Prayer for Military Women

by Tonia Gutting

Lord Jesus,

Make me your warrior.

Place me in your army.

Send me where you want me to go.

Have me do your work. (Ephesians 2:8-10)

Raise me up in your ranks as you see fit.

Use me in the battle.

May all I do be for your glory

so that everyone will know how wonderful you are.


I want to know more about you

be closer to you

lock arms with your servants

serve you till my dying day.


Please give me the courage and strength to stand and fight

the gentleness to stoop to heal

and the wisdom to know when to do each.


May I always be a good representative of you

May I draw others to your service.


I pray this for myself

and for all of our military members.

May we lead the way.

May your Spirit consume our ranks.

From the recruit to the veteran, may suicide be abolished.

May hope abound as we do your work.

Forgive us of our pride, our self-sufficiency, our timidity.

Please hold the wounded close to you.


I pray all these things in your holy and mighty name.



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