For this week’s Sunday Prayer, Michelle leads us in an Easter Prayer to renew a right spirit and focus within ourselves today and always! Blessed Easter from Planting Roots.

An Easter Prayer

by Michelle Heib


Today is the day we celebrate. We celebrate You. We bring you glory and honor. Without this day in history, we would not be praising you today. We would not be adopted and grafted into your family. And so we thank you for stepping into our world while we were still sinners, for becoming our Passover lamb. 

Today we celebrate Christ conquering the grave. 

O Death where is thy victory? (1 Corinthians 15:55-57)

For three years Christ taught, healed, led, prayed, wept and foretold…

and we still don’t always understand. 

Those who were with him daily didn’t believe and didn’t remember as he explained what would happen. They huddled in fear. Just as dawn ends the night, your life conquered death and you replaced their fear with faith. They told others who you are and that life spread.

Your Blessings Abound

Then, as if forgiveness of our sins, and restoring us as your children isn’t enough…you sent us the Holy Spirit, yourself, as our guide and our counselor. 


Father, sometimes, we still forget, we get distracted by bunnies, and eggs, and trappings of our celebration. We get caught up in our finery instead of remembering the grave clothes left behind. 

We huddle in fear over PT tests, deployments, PCS’s, disease, and what-ifs. 

Forgetting all you taught us, and your promise to never leave or forsake us. 


You are our peace. 

You are our power to walk on water in the midst of a storm.


Forgive us again. 


Renew in us a right spirit. 

A spirit that loves you with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength.

A spirit that loves our neighbors as ourselves.

A spirit that forgives as you have forgiven us.

A spirit that seeks restoration and reconciliation.

A spirit that perseveres.

A spirit that prays.


Thank you for being our Easter Lamb. 



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