For this week’s Sunday Prayer, Tonia leads us to pray in gratitude for God’s revelation of himself to us. May that knowledge lead to heart change, so that others might see his glory, too.

Gratitude for God’s Revelation

by Tonia Gutting

Lord God,

Thank you for podcasts and live streams and Bible apps and devotional books. Thank you for chaplains and brothers and sisters and prayer warriors. Thank you for the Holy Spirit’s constant presence, willing leading, and giving wisdom. 


Everywhere we look, you are teaching us about your holy self. Our deepest desire is to know you and be known by you. So we thank you for these many tools. Help us not to miss the mark–to not fall in love with the knowledge while ignoring the heart-change. 

Knowledge Leads to Growth

We pray for our service members’ spiritual growth.

May they grow in faith as they see you work.

May they grow in trust as they remember all you have done.

May they grow in love as you forgive them. 

May they grow in patience when you ask them to wait.

May they grow in prayer when the trials come. 

Most of all, may they grow closer to you.


May our warriors feel your presence as they fly through the skies, sail over the seas, hike over the mountains. May they seek your face through the mundane and the amazing. May they follow you when it is easy, and when it is the hardest thing they’ve had to do. 


We pray for our hurting veterans and communities. Lord, please keep the spirit of suicide away. Help us to show people your beauty, your love, your eternal hope. 


Help us to know you more so we can show more people you. You are the one worth knowing. 



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