“For all the promises of God find their Yes in Him. That is why it is through Him that we utter our Amen to God for His glory.” 2 Cor. 1:20

Promise 2: He will forgive our sins

Growing up, my father was my biggest fan. He always assumed the best of me and told me I could do anything. Sometimes, I didn’t live up to his expectations. It might have been that I made a bad grade on my report card, or failed to keep a promise, or that I had a fender-bender in my new car. On those occasions, he would say, “I’m really disappointed in you.” Those words were worse than any punishment I could have received.

Unlike my dad, God isn’t caught off-guard when we fail. He knows that our sin nature causes us to sin, even when we don’t mean to. God definitely is our biggest fan. He loves us so much, that he sent Jesus, the Lamb, to rescue us from our failures.

The Lamb.

In Old Testament days, the lamb was raised for one purpose; slaughter. The lamb would either be slaughtered for a meal or for a sacrifice. Either way, the cute, fluffy animals we picture in the Nativity Scene were headed to a dreadful end.

All throughout Scripture, Jesus is called “The Lamb of God.” At Christmas, we like to think of the baby in the manger, but just like the lamb, he was born to die.

Unlike the lamb sacrifice, which had to be repeated over and over, Jesus’ death was the final sacrifice.

Each time we sin, Jesus has already forgiven us. That is certainly not license to sin, but what a comfort to know that the Lamb of God has taken the guilt away.

Today, the Lamb of God sits on his heavenly throne. When we get there, we will spend forever in communion with Him and with one another. All the sin and heartache of this life will be forgotten, as we focus on Jesus.

Do you have a sin you just can’t let go of? A memory of something you did that you still regret? Take heart! Jesus has forgiven you! If you have come to him for salvation, he is not holding any sin against you. If he says that it is forgiven, then it is forgiven! Believe him and move forward, be thankful for the Lamb.

This Christmas, as you see the baby in the manger and little lambs attending him, remember the reason why he came to Bethlehem. He came to be an atonement for you and me. No longer is there any sin that separates us from our Heavenly Father. He is not disappointed in us. Our sin does not take him by surprise. He loves us, so he sent the Lamb to save us. Now, the perfect Lamb sits on the throne, cheering us on as we walk through this life, and awaiting the day when we will spend eternity together in perfect unity. We are loved by the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!

Submitted by Kristin Hathaway

A tradition in my family is to attend the Christmas Eve service at chapel or church, and then come home and eat potato soup. It’s a special recipe shared with me by my mother. I hope you enjoy it.