In this week’s Worship Wednesday, Nicole shares a song that inspires her to embrace a life of freedom in Christ.

Embrace A Life of Freedom in Christ

by Nicole Williams

Late last year I heard about a class called Freedom at a local church. Everyone who took it raved about their renewed relationship with God. The comments were so infectious I signed up and was able to experience living life in freedom just as the song proclaims.

In “I am Free” the Newsboys write how God makes things new. People who are blind are able to see, they are mute will sing, and how the darkness in us will flee because we are free through Christ. Just as in Eddie James’ song Freedom, he reminds us that with God there are no more shackles in our life, no more chains to hold us hostage and that we are not in bondage because Jesus allows us freedom.

When we accept Christ, he grants us a life of freedom in his Word. He gives us the authority to live a life fully free and fully alive. Every day I remind myself that God wants me to live in Freedom. Every day is not perfect, we are all human, but in our relationship with God, he can renew us daily.

Freedom in Christ

I have discovered two ways to embrace this life of freedom in Christ: Spend time with God and in fellowship with his children regularly.

This doesn’t have to mean memorizing Scriptures or reading two chapters of the bible a day every day. This can be morning prayers whispered during your commute, talking out loud to God in the afternoon, or just any time that you set aside to build your bond with God. You can’t be in relationship with God without dedicating time to get to know him.

Create a circle of people around you who are all in relationship with God.  My support system is a small group that meets once a week to check on each other and learn more about God’s Word. This group is God’s community, he wants us to be the church outside of the physical church walls.

Your Turn to Be Set Free

Understand that God has granted us direct access to him. We can be in relationship with him no matter where we are. He wants us to live in freedom. Know that Jesus’ presence is able to speak peace to our biggest doubts. No mountain is too big for God to move. He is a waymaker. Through him, we can embrace a life of freedom in Christ.

I hope you will be as inspired by “I Am Free” by the Newsboys as I have been. 


Lord, we thank you for every day we are able to live in relationship with you. We Pray that you would free us from fear and grant us power by your spirit to live fully free and fully alive. Amen.