For this week’s Worship Wednesday, Jennifer shares with us how God can take what seems like just another ordinary day and make it extraordinary.

Another Ordinary Day Turned Extraordinary


I am a dog lover. Having a dog, motivates me to walk every day. Rain, cold, snow, sun; nothing stops a dog from needing a walk. It might surprise you, but first thing in the morning is my favorite time right now.


The Missouri River is right outside my house. My dog and I can walk by a cliff overlooking the river. Our first walk is usually around sunrise. Every morning the sun rises in the east out over the river and onto a beautiful field beyond. It is a very ordinary and routine thing, but rarely is it the same two days in a row. Some mornings the sky is bright red, others it is cloudy or foggy. Most mornings the birds sing and sometimes we even hear or see the Bald Eagle that lives nearby. As I walk in the quiet of the early morning,

God knocks my socks off on a regular basis. 


I have fallen in love with these sunrises every morning. A new game on Facebook asks people to post their “sixth picture of the day on their phone” to illustrate what they focus on that day. I can honestly say it will be another picture of a sunrise. No one picture can do justice to each sunrise but I still take one whenever God shows off. Every day the sun rises, and God takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.


When I lived in the desert, sunrises were full of colors and patterns created on the rocks. Many people hated the rocks in the desert, but God taught me that ordinary rocks show his creativity. Picking up two rocks next to each other will show you that they are not the same. They each have differences created by Elohim, the Creator.


Growing up in snow country, winter snowfall brings another day of ordinary. Snow comes in waves all through the winter. Yet there are so many different kinds of snow. Snow is not ordinary and each snowflake is unique. There is wet heavy snow, light fluffy snow, icy snow and “snow globe” type of snow. Every time it snows it displays God’s creativity. He loves to turn ordinary into extraordinary.

No Ordinary Day

As I listened to the song “Ordinary” for the first time, I realized how many of my days which seem routine and ho-hum are not actually that ordinary. When I worked as a teacher there were days that felt very ordinary. This is especially true at this time of year when the days seem to trudge on without a break – like Spring Break!!! However, each ordinary day brought extraordinary learning in my classroom. Teaching high school students was fun and challenging. Ordinary days were rarely boring.


I used to think changing diapers or feeding kids was the hallmark of an ordinary life. God showed me that each day living with my kids was special in many ways. Watching kids learn to walk is extraordinary and hearing them learn to talk is amazing (until they become teenagers). God used ordinary days to remind me He is with me.


Even the ordinary days of walking kids to school or shuttling them to activities were so much more. These times were filled with conversations about friends, about life and adventures to be lived. My kids loved telling jokes and reminding me about how wonderful it is to be a kid.


God whispered to me in the midst of the chaos of raising teens. Ordinary days are special days. Teens love the normal days, the ordinary days. Some of our favorite stories come from ordinary days. We love having dinner together, laughing, sharing stories. Ordinary days that show God working in my family and in my teens.


Look around and embrace your ordinary day. Look for God. He wants to remind you that He created the ordinary just like he created the extraordinary. Being a working woman whether in the home or in uniform, is all part of God’s never ordinary plan. 

by Jennifer Wake


Have a listen to “Ordinary” by Hannah Kerr and be encouraged about God’s power to turn any ordinary day into an extraordinary work of art!