A close up of white and pink roses that says Sunday Prayer: Let us pray

When the sun rises on our troops in Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Germany, Fort Bragg, Fort Leavenworth, Fort Lewis, Fort Wainwright–

And on our sailors in Hawaii, Japan, the Mediterranean, the mighty oceans

And when the morning skies brighten for our airmen

May Your Name be on their lips.

Lord Jesus, we pray that You would be the One they look for,

the only One they trust in.

Lord, may their spiritual passion catch a new flame.

May they accept no substitutes for what they rely on, who they work for, what rewards they strive to achieve.

Lord, just give them more Jesus.

Lord, we pray for the morale of our military. May Your joy be sustaining.

We pray for Your wisdom for our leaders. Guide them as they plan the missions.

We pray for the teamwork that has to happen. May You be the grace between them.

We pray the tough times would turn their faces to You.

We pray the Christians’ lights would be so bright and evident. Use them, Lord, to fish for men!

May their chaplains be effective warriors of Your Kingdom, and may their voices not be silenced.

We especially pray for our deployed. Lord, please grant them health. May they be able to sleep well. Please keep them alert and strong and safe. May they be able to work together and trust each other. May supply lines be clear. May equipment be functioning correctly.

And please hold their hearts close as they miss their families.

We pray for our new recruits in basic training and in schools. Lord, please give them courage and strengthen them.

We pray for our members who are getting out of the military. Lord, please give them direction and help them with this transition.

And we pray for our hurting veterans. Lord, please touch them with Your healing hand.

Please help our service members grieve well for their fallen comrades.

Jesus, please stop the spirit of suicide throughout. Only You can truly protect, truly heal, truly change a heart. We ask that You will not let the enemy have a way in.

In all stages, may there be a revival of longing for You, Jesus.


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