Monday Minute With God: What I’m Learning by Jennifer Wake


In fall and spring many military families are awaiting orders to PCS. Our family usually gets orders about 60 days before we move.


Working well under pressure, I don’t mind getting things done when I have little time. However, it’s stressful and I rarely get everything done.


We’ve been moving every 18-22 months for the better part of 10 years has challenged me to see time in new ways. God views time differently than I do. I see time through the days and weeks of my life, like going through a school year, but God is outside of time, viewing all of our life at once.


God’s timing is perfect.


A science teacher by trade, I’ve taught many levels of science over the years. One year I was teaching about butterflies. I had a large group of caterpillars in chrysalis, which would turn into butterflies at the right time. My lesson plan called for the butterflies to emerge on a specified date.


Unfortunately, my butterflies had another plan. So being a good science teacher, when they did not emerge on the correct date, I followed my lesson plan, cutting one chrysalis open to show my students the butterfly.


Because I cut open the chrysalis instead of letting the butterfly work its way out, the butterfly could not fly.  It had the ability to move its legs and wings but it could not fly.


What I’m Learning

God has designed the butterfly to work hard to get out of its chrysalis. This makes the wings strong enough to fly. When I forced the timing, the wing muscles never developed, so my butterfly could not fly. In our lives, sometimes God’s timing involves waiting so we can develop our spiritual muscles.


Reflecting on John 7:6, I noticed Jesus didn’t bow to the pressure from the people around him. He was even willing to wait and not go to the temple for the feast until God told him to go.


So Jesus said to them, “My time is not yet here, but your time is always opportune.”–John 7:6 NASB


Unswayed by the words of others, Jesus listened to God. God knew the time was not right. He wanted Jesus to be prepared for all the ministry that is before him.


This verse reminds me as I wait again for our orders to move, that God’s timing is perfect. I do not need to worry or start planning. I am to wait for God to send us. God has never left me or my family. Sometimes I might try to start before Him but that usually ends up in chaos. God is teaching me to obey Him and wait for His time.


How I’m Learning

Seek God for my Bible reading plan: Every year I ask God to show me what I should concentrate on in my Bible reading.  Sometimes I read thru the Bible in a year, sometimes I spend a year in the Old Testament or New Testament. This year, God is challenging me to spend a whole year in John.


Meditate on God’s Word: Reflecting and praying about a particular passage stills my attention to listen to God. He speaks through insights as I ponder the passage.


Think About It

As our new duty station is announced and orders are signed, I sometimes struggle with worry. Turning to God’s word, I discover strength in 1 Chronicles 28:20a:

Be strong and courageous, and act; do not fear nor be dismayed for the Lord God, my God is with you.


Comparing John 7:6 and 1 Chronicles 28:20a, I recognize Jesus waited for God’s timing without fear, willing to listen and act once God called.

As I struggle to develop my spiritual muscles, I need to follow Jesus’ example. I need to wait for God to tell me to move or wait. I need to help my family see the good in trusting God and waiting on Him.


Jesus went up the feast in Jerusalem in secret when God said to go. Knowing the cross was coming, He was strong, courageous, and willing to act.


Trust in Jesus if you’re in a season of waiting or a time of uncertainty. Don’t give into pressure from your emotions or the people around you.


Wait until you have your orders and God shows you it is time to move.

  • Are you waiting on God’s timing?
  • How can you grow as you wait?
  • What ways can you find strength and courage to wait in faith?


All In: Wait on God’s timing with faith and courage.


Pray About It

Lord, please guide me as I wait on You. Develop strength of character and the boldness to act when You call. Help me to have peace during times of waiting.   I’m grateful you never leave me. Thank you for giving me strength and courage to obey when you call.


Bible study assistant editor at Planting Roots, Jennifer Wake enjoys teaching and writing. She currently lives in MD.  She has an active duty husband and 3 great kids. You can find her spending time teaching and learning and preparing taxes.



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