We say, “Come Lord Jesus, come.”

Thank You for this time to remember Your coming and all the joy that surrounds it.
Thank You for love and goodwill.
Thank You for peace and grace.

As we are dazzled by our little cheap lights, thank You for stars and dancing aurora. Thank You for being our light.
As children wait anxiously for trinkets, thank You for the hope of the world.
As the snow covers and cleans blemishes over thousands of miles, thank You for covering our sins.

Come Lord Jesus, come.

Come into our homes. At this time when we are trying to celebrate Your coming, we can get so distracted. Be the grace among us. Make us slow down. Don’t let us miss Your presence.

Come Lord Jesus, come.

Come into our hearts afresh. Help us be the parents we need to be, first by example. Change us. Make us more like You today. Thank You for our families, for each child. We worry about so many things with our kids–teaching them, clothing them, disciplining them. Help us in these areas Lord. And help us to entrust them to You.

Come Lord Jesus, come.

We pray You will come into their hearts, Lord. More than any gift we can give them, we want to show them the way to You. More than any protection we can give them, will You please give them peace? More than any lecture we can give them, will You please mold their lives to Your will? More than any gift, please bless them with contentment. More than any comfort we can fashion around them, please ignite their passion–for You, and for the hurting in this world.

In the nuts and bolts of learning this week, Lord help us see the big picture with them.
As You close doors on their opportunities, help them find the windows to which You are leading.
As we expect them to complete tasks these days, don’t let us make them into “human doings” when You made human beings.
As we see our own sins mirrored back to us in them, help us to give the same grace You give us.
Teach us through them Lord: to find joy in the simple, to not be in a hurry, to trust You to take care of our needs, to delight in these holy days.

Come Lord Jesus, come.

May our families be Your cities on a thousand hills, Lord. We especially pray we will be contagious in our military communities.

May we be family to the single soldiers far from their homes.
Use us amongst the hurting, Lord.
May the hurting veteran be able to say “Come Lord Jesus.”
Please be with our deployed.
Please hold close those who can’t be with family.
Be the light in our little part of the world, and don’t let us look for cheap substitutes.

Come Lord Jesus!