God of the Heavenly Armies,

As our soldiers climb mountains in Afghanistan,

kick in doors in Iraq,

march on Korean soil,

patrol the streets in Somalia,

and everywhere fight against the lies,

as our airmen climb into cockpits,

fly into so much blue,

and our sailors float on so much blue

in the Mediterranean,

the Sea of Japan,

the Arabian Sea,

and as our Coasties search the grey to save the one fisherman,

Lord, may they feel Your presence.

As they walk away from their families–

step forward, willing to sacrifice–

may they understand Your sacrifice,

Your walk to death on the cross.

When our warriors try to run to the end of the world to escape You,

when they hide behind the tough guy mask,

when they find themselves completely alone while surrounded with peers,

when they are drowning in anger and pride and the lies they’ve been told

and the lies they tell themselves,

Lord, please chase them down.

Please do whatever is necessary to break down their self-reliance.

Turn their faces and their hearts to You.

We pray for the baby-faced gate guard,

the cadet poring over books,

the anger-spitting captain,

the thoughtful general,

Father, bring revival! May Your Spirit be unleashed throughout our military.

And through us, may we spread Your Word to the world.

Lord, please help the deployed, and their families, grow in You.

Please help the young recruit learn his/her skill.

Please bring peace to the contentious office, understanding to the stressed motor pool.

May the old veteran find peace in You.

And may all be kept from the spirit of suicide.

As we see the courage, the determination, the strength of our forces in their missions,

we remember You.

Thank You for leaving Your home for our benefit.

Thank You for fighting with us in the trenches.

Thank You for taking those steps to the cross.

Thank You for taking our place.

Thank You for Your “overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love.”

May all of our warriors know it today.

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