If You can make the cross beautiful,

If You can turn mourning into dancing,

If You can raise glory from ashes,

If You can turn failure into character,

weakness into revelation,

fear into knowing,

Then truly, we can trust You for our children.

We trust You to redeem their hard times.

We trust You to mold them even through pain.

We trust You to lead them, to put them in the right place at the right time.

Thank You Lord for so loving them.

We pray for our kids who are getting back into school.

Lord, please be with them. Give them perspective on what they are doing.

We pray for our military brats who are away at college.

Lord, please surround them with Your presence and help them make good choices.

The tests, the applications, the tuition, the admissions, the decisions–Lord, we lay these out before You and trust in You.

We pray for the little ones at home. Father, please keep them safe and raise them up. Give their parents strength and endurance.

We pray for the ones who are ill, especially the little girl in the hospital with a strange illness. Lord, please strengthen them.

We pray for our adopted kids. Lord, please help them accept the love given. Fill their parents with Your Spirit, that they may be patient and kind and long-suffering. May more orphans find their home.

We pray for the babies coming. Father, please help those parents.

And we pray for the special issues our military brats face, Lord. May they see Your hand in each PCS move. Be their rock when all else is changing.

Please be very near and real to those with deployed parents. Lord, please calm their hearts.

Father God, we ask for your special mercy for the children of our fallen. Only You can make things ok, even beautiful. Please give wisdom and peace to the children of our struggling veterans. May joyful days be coming. And we pray against the spirit of suicide throughout our military family.

Thank You Lord Jesus for forgiving our children’s debts,

for setting them free indeed,

for pouring out Your love on a rugged cross.

That is their one true need.

May we all learn to sing Hallelujah.