Movies tell a story.

Heroism or heartbreak, victory or defeat, we love to watch stories, both imagined and true-to-life.

Recently, some great movies have come out, and obviously some not-so-good. But a few movies have been produced that tell a bit more about the story we live in the military world. These movies are used to inspire hope in us, but also to show those in our society a bit about what life looks like in our military world.

In the event you missed some of them, I thought I would share a recent release as well as one soon-to-be released. If you have a movie or other media you know and love that has come out recently that relates to our military world, it would be great to hear about it! Just leave a comment or send us an email (!

Enjoy the popcorn!


Synopsis: Master Sergeant Victor Raphael is nearing the end of his military career when an explosion in Afghanistan leaves him injured. Back home, he is thrust into battle once again, but he hasn’t been trained for this type of warfare.

With his career behind him and painful physical therapy ahead, he finds himself without a purpose and in a war with his own mind. Having spent years with an ocean between them, his wife, Michelle, is distant and their marriage seems to be held together only by her sense of duty.

From leading troops into battle to being unable to leave the house, Vic finds himself isolated in more ways than he ever thought possible, until the unexpected happens. Through the help of two kids and some unlikely heroes, Vic must face the trauma and the wounds on his soul to save his marriage and to help his fellow brother in need.

To succeed, he must discover the true source of strength and realize he can’t do it alone if he is going to win this war and emerge STRONGER.

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The producers of the movie have also built an “Alliance” with resources and information. You can find them here:

The movie has already been released. You can contact them about doing a special showing in your area!



Synopsis: With great anticipation, Darren and Heather Turner are ready to follow their calling: serving God, family, and country. But when war etches deep battle scars, the Turners’ once-solid marriage lies in peril. Shaken and forever changed by what they’ve experienced, the couple now faces their toughest battle: the fight to save their marriage.

Darren Turner hopes others benefit from his family’s struggle.

“God was at work in my life and in my marriage even as I did everything I could to walk out on him and everyone else,” he said. “He accomplished a miracle in our family. It’s encouraging to us that it matters to people, that it wasn’t in vain, that there is purpose even in our heartbreak.”

In addition to starring in INDIVISIBLE, Sarah Drew also the film’s executive producer.

“The heart of the film is about marriage,” Drew said. “The military is the setting through which we tell a story about what it means to fight hard for the vows you make on that day you stand before God and before your community and you say, ‘I will love you until the day I die.’”

INDIVISIBLE shows you were never intended to live this life on your own strength,” said Pastor Lynn Holmes, CEO of Calvary Pictures. “When you invite God, even into your marriage, your marriage is so much better. Most people in ministry have gone through a lot of pain, and God never wastes those difficulties. He never wastes that pain.”

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Variety did an article on the INDIVISIBLE film. You can find the article here:

The movie releases in 2018!