for the sailors in the depths of the seas

and on the oceans of endless blue,

for the marines in the jungles

and the soldiers in the mountains

or the desert winds,

for the warriors in the skies

and reading the skies

and for all those in the training fields

and hunching over computers and nuts and bolts and bandages and policies,

for these, Lord, we pray.

We pray for their safety.

We pray for engines running as they should at critical times

and supply lines being open.

We pray for good kevlar and good eyesight and good intuition.

We ask You, Lord to stop malfunctions that lead to disasters.

We ask for clarity of thinking to stop accidents.

We ask that You would thwart the plans of the enemy.

Lord, please give our warriors wisdom,



But mostly, Lord, please draw them to You.

May they see Your power and feel Your presence.

May their darkest days be a breakthrough of Your light.

Raise up an army for Your Kingdom.

May those who are suicidal be so overwhelmed with Your love.

May they be unable to run from Your presence,

for You, Lord, You are the God of the Heavenly Armies.

You stop man’s plans and move nations according to Your will.

You are the Master of myriads, and You hold each and every heart.

You understand the mysteries of the mind and only You can truly heal.

You can bring peace when the nations demand war;

You are our only hope.

And we are completely overcome by Your love for us.

In all our little battles today, Lord Jesus, please draw us to You. Thank You for being for us.