As we prepare to enter into the Advent season, for this week’s Sunday Prayer Tonia offers up a prayer for Military Children.

A close up of white and pink roses that says Sunday Prayer: Let us pray

An Advent Prayer for Our Military Children

by Tonia Gutting


Good Morning Lord,

We wake to advent today and remind ourselves again to look for You.

We remind our hearts to hope again

to anticipate the coming of joy

to see you in the world as a child does

to embrace the longing as part of the plan.

We have so much to look forward to.

Give us a glimpse of that wonder. Don’t let us lose the awe.


And may we gift that wonder to our children.

Forgive us for distracting them

for trying to give things when they need you,

and you in us.

Help us to give the gift we covet most, our time, our attention, our love.


We pray for the military child who can’t be with their service member this holiday.

May they understand deeply how you never fail.

We pray for the kids who are PCSing. May the families pull together and make special, even if different, memories. Please hold them close in the transition.

We pray for those in troubled homes. Lord, show us how to reach out to these families. May the little ones be protected. May your light pierce their darkness, even as you did on that first Christmas.

We pray for our young adults. Please give them safety in traveling. Help the college kids finish their tasks. Please surround those who can’t come home with your presence. Establish their path in your way Lord.


We pray for the child of the hurting veteran. May they have wisdom and grace beyond their years.


And Lord, we lift up to you those in despair. May the spirit of suicide be thwarted at every turn. We pray in Jesus’ name against it in all of our military communities.


We ask all these things knowing your love for children Lord, your love for us. We look for your answers to our prayers. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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