In this week’s Sunday Prayer, Hillary celebrates the anniversary of Planting roots by praying for a flourishing healthy ministry for all those who serve the Lord.

A close up of white and pink roses that says Sunday Prayer: Let us pray

A Flourishing Healthy Ministry

by Hillary Baggett


Lord, this week, we celebrate five years of Planting Roots. Thank you for this gift of ministering encouragement and faith to military women and wives around the globe.

Praise God for ALL the volunteers around the world! Both in the past and present, we praise you for them!

Being a spiritually healthy woman means following you on an intimate journey in faith and trust beyond our comfort zones.

In order to be physically healthy, one must harvest serious fruit of the spirit in self-control, discipline, exercise our bodies, and choose our food and drink wisely.

Without you, Lord, we simply fail.

Hear the prayer of our souls aching for success, recognition, and to be completely obedient to you. Only by the power of your Holy Spirit can obedience be possible Lord. You offer a way out of any temptation – so we can make better choices!

There are women around the world who need support and resources to flourish in this military life. Send them to Planting Roots, Lord. And, send us to them – wherever they live.

Praise God for the military women, wives, girlfriends, and mothers, who are served by Planting Roots! For the women who have yet to be reached, we praise you in advance.

Make your will known in our lives Lord. Create in us clean hearts and steadfast spirits that we will gladly obey you and your will for us. 

For the holes and gaps that need to be filled in any ministry, Lord, we trust your perfect timing and ask you to send your servants to the places you call us.

Encourage every woman in uniform, out of uniform, and those standing next to someone in or out of uniform. Remind each of us that you are and always have been the God of the Universe and you will never change.

Align Our Priorities with Your Purpose

Keep our priorities for health in line. First, lead us in our relationship with you, caring for our physical and mental health, then a commitment to our spouse if we are married. Next, provide us with strength and patience to care for our physical, adopted, or spiritual children. Then, reveal to us how to make our home a safe haven of joy, safety, and peace. Allow ministry in all its blessings and benefits to fall in line after these others Lord. Free us from the trap of trying to please others and earn “hi-fives” and “attagirls”  by what we do instead of our identity in Christ. 

Protect your servants from the spirits of suicide, depression, and anxiety. Guide us to seek the help we need. Free us from perfectionism and self-promotion, so we can remain relatable, approachable, and humble. Let your Name be the one people remember, the Name of Jesus.

Only by your strength is this possible. “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.” (Philippians 4:13)

In Jesus Name, we pray. Amen.

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